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Uptic Team Members Graduate from GU Resiliency Program

Sean Walsh, Culture Wrangler, Shae Fanning, Marketing and Communications Director, and Elle Collins, Architectural Designer I, were recently nominated to attend Gonzaga University’s Resiliency Academy. They dedicated five months to this intensive program, focusing on sustainability matters on a global scale, national scale, within the state of Washington, and right here in their home of Spokane.

We are delighted to announce that Sean, Shae, and Elle have successfully completed the program and received their official certificates. The knowledge and insights they gained from the Resiliency Academy will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on their work within their respective departments at Uptic Studios.

Their eagerness to apply what they have learned to their roles is truly commendable. As a company that values sustainability and strives to make a positive environmental impact, we are excited to see how Sean, Shae, and Elle will integrate their newfound expertise into their projects and contribute to our collective efforts toward a more sustainable future.

Congratulations to Sean, Shae, and Elle on this significant achievement, and we are confident that their dedication to sustainability will help shape a brighter future for Uptic Studios and the communities we serve.