Physical Therapy Associates

Intended for flexibility and expansion, our Physical Therapy Associates project (PTA), totals 11,300 square feet and was designed for an energetic group of doctors rapidly outgrowing their previous location. Our goal with this design was to create a space for productivity and healing.

PTA Photo 2

The main therapy space is open to allow for a multitude of activities and equipment, with nine private therapy rooms situated along the perimeter.

PTA Photo 3

A therapy pool offers new services not available at the previous location and a yoga/TRX studio occupies the second floor.

PTA Photo 4
PTA Photo 5

Organized as a two tenant building, it allows for potential expansion of the practice, or alternatively the space can be leased out to other services.

Our design features a Northwest-inspired color palette and celebrates its structure by exposing glu-lam beams and open web trusses.

PTA Photo 6
PTA Photo 7
PTA Photo 4