Palouse Barn

Flanked by a grove of pine and surrounded by amber wheat fields, our Palouse Barn project pays tribute to historic homesteads and rural living.

Our goal was to create a multi-use auxiliary building that could be equal parts event space, living quarters, craft room, and workshop.


Inside the barn, we utilized a free-spanning steel beam to allow for an open-concept great room. Large doors at each end provide drive-through access. Outside, the shed roofline and cedar siding blend seamlessly with the rolling hills of the Palouse. A block-and-tackle hay hook is one of our many nods to the region’s rural past.


A second entrance gives access to a tastefully appointed kitchen, a comfortable living space, a craft room, and a robotics workshop.


Custom walnut cabinetry and casework unite the varied spaces. Highlights include a murphy bed, craft and tool storage, and an entertainment center concealed behind vertical-slat slides.


From harvest parties to tractor repairs, the Palouse Barn draws inspiration from family, passion, and place.