Blog Post #4

Coffee Talks with Sean Walsh

Hello, and welcome to the first blog post of Coffee Talks! I recently had the opportunity to catch up with our very own Shae Fanning, to learn what drives her and inspires her professionally and personally. Shae is our Marketing and Communications Director who started with [us] in May of 2022. Shae came to Spokane via Phoenix, Arizona where she previously led the Marketing department at PHX Architecture.

Shae’s inspiration for marketing comes from her time growing up helping her parents who were small business owners. Within her time watching and working with her parents, Shae developed a love for “telling the story,” of a business, and found she could do so through a marketing lens. She says her goal is to “tell a story so well, that the Uptic brand can be widely recognized, without question.” Giving personality to a brand allows people to resonate with it, follow it, believe in it and encourage it – all things that Uptic hopes to inspire in its team, its followers, its clients and its community as a whole.

Considering her time here already – I can say that Shae has already enhanced the telling of Uptic’s exciting and wonderful story!