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Architects, Cody Rathbun and Kevin McKee Join Uptic Team

We are thrilled to announce the addition of two incredibly talented architects to the Uptic Studios team: Cody Rathbun and Kevin McKee. As seasoned professionals with a wealth of diverse experience, Cody and Kevin are poised to make a significant impact on our team and clients alike. Their commitment to innovative and thoughtful design, coupled with their passion for crafting spaces that elevate the human experience, make them valuable assets to our firm. We are excited to see the influence they will have on our current team and the continued growth of their already impressive careers.

More on Cody and Kevin below.

Cody Rathbun is a licensed architect who joined Uptic Studios in March 2023. With over three years of industry experience, Cody has worked on a diverse range of projects including schools, medical offices, convention centers, multi-family housing, and custom homes. Cody is a creative and systematic thinker who excels at clear communication and precise drawings. His passion for elegant construction systems and attention to detail is evident in all his work.

Cody is particularly interested in the role of architecture in revealing the identity of both the client and the site. He believes that successful architecture is a fusion of creativity, construction, and craftsmanship, and he is motivated by the challenge of conveying an idea in a way that is both sound and inspiring. Cody’s expertise and enthusiasm make him a valuable addition to the Uptic Studios team.

Kevin McKee is an architect and project manager for both the residential and commercial studios at Uptic Studios, joining the team in March of 2023. Kevin has spent most of his life in the Pacific Northwest, having been born in Spokane, Washington. He studied architecture at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California, where he spent his fifth year studying in Florence, Italy. Since then, Kevin has traveled the world and gained a wealth of knowledge and experience.

In 1990, Kevin established his own firm in Boise, Idaho, and has worked with firms of all sizes as a lead designer and urban planner. He spent five years in Shanghai designing retail malls and standalone stores for IKEA with i-habitat, before returning to Seattle where he has spent the last five years working on residential and hospitality projects throughout Washington. Most recently, Kevin made the move to the East side of the state to join our firm here in Spokane

Kevin brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the Uptic Studios team. His extensive travels and diverse background have given him a deep appreciation for architecture’s ability to impact communities and shape the built environment. With his leadership and expertise, Kevin is an invaluable asset to Uptic Studios’ residential and commercial studios.