Umi Sushi

Inspired by forms and textures of traditional Japanese fishing baskets, our Umi Sushi project sits in the heart of Kendall Yards and has quickly become a Spokane favorite.


Creating a natural, comfortable, yet upscale place to enjoy exceptional sushi was our primary goal. Clear ash plywood was chosen for its neutral undertones and was stained in two different ways. A sizeable focal lantern of whitewashed ash sets the stage for the chefs.


Dark stained board and batten were chosen to perimeter the walls, and the ceiling was designed to pay homage to the traditional Japanese wood preservation method knows as Shou Sugi Ban.


The lighting throughout creates a soft glow for patrons. Stainless steel tile selected for the bar/service area adds shine and sparkle on a small scale. Sky-high drapes and built-in benches create intimacy.


In collaboration with the owners, we designed Umi Sushi with careful intent to create a successful, thriving new business.