We believe in a lifestyle that reduces our impact on the environment, this begins with the net zero living that our design for Blockhouse creates, but also extends to how we live and travel.

The Blockhouse Life is all about conveniently simplifying your lifestyle to reduce our impact on the environment, this includes ride sharing, local vegetables delivered to your door, and all of the unique Perry district to enjoy.

Blockhouse 1

Our design goal was to create a consortium dedicated to progressing the multi-family housing industry by utilizing systems thinking to develop sustainable, adaptable and affordable methods for the design, delivery and execution of communities for our future.


We designed every Blockhouse to be completely modular, allowing for the creation of safe and affordable housing that has very minimal site disturbance. The Blockhouse modular design is flexible and adaptable, making nontraditional build sites perfect matches for the Blockhouse.

Blockhouse 2

We teamed up with Avista Utilities and Perry Street Brewery to place solar panels on top of the brewery building, this is very unique because we are using an adjacent building to supply solar energy.

Our Smart design allows us to bring everything together under one Blockhouse. The modular design with cross laminated timber, restored siding, solar energy, and a smart wall all come together to create a simple smart design.